Coolsculpting at Naaman Clinic

The CoolSculpting procedure is often referred to as “freezing away fat.” The process is nonsurgical and targets diet- and exercise-resistant fat safely and effectively. And while the procedure seems simple, it is important that CoolSculpting be administered by a trained and knowledgable physician. At the Naaman Clinic, we pride ourselves in our proficiency in utilizing CoolSculpting, and we have the ability to operate two CoolSculpting machines simultaneously, which allows us to administer this effective treatment in half of the standard amount of time**.

Dr. Bailey personalizes your treatment plan based on targeted areas and desired results. The procedure itself is completely nonsurgical, and our patients typically return to normal daily activities immediately**. The technology safely cools the treatment area, targeting fat cells in order to crystallize them, which ultimately leads to death of the cells. The body then naturally eliminates those dead fat cells through its own natural healing processes, leaving the patient free from stubborn fat. Through consultation, treatment, and follow-up, the Naaman Clinic utilizes this effective resource to help patients regain confidence and restore the beauty they feel within.