Laser Resurfacing

All wrinkles have their root cause due to loss of collagen from sun exposure and natural aging. While Botox and fillers improve the appearance of the face, they only have modest effects on restoring collagen. In fact, even collagen injections are temporary. The only way to truly reverse the signs of aging is to restore collagen with laser resurfacing.

As one of the few dermatologists in Alabama who is fellowship-trained in laser surgery techniques, Dr. Bailey understands the importance of excellent experience combined with the best technology available. There are many resurfacing lasers available for use, but the gold standard is the fractioned carbon dioxide laser. Dr. Bailey uses the Lumenis Ultrapulse laser, the most powerful option available with the broadest range of energies to customize the treatment of each patient.

The Lumenis Ultrapulse laser uses the direct application of concentrated light to precisely remove affected skin layers, restoring collagen and dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles.A single laser resurfacing session generally lasts several hours. The procedure is performed in our office and requires approximately ten days of recovery**.

The effects of the Lumenis Ultrapulse laser are remarkable, and the results of the resurfacing last for seven to ten years**. This newest generation of fractioned carbon dioxide lasers is also effective in improving the color variations of the skin that inevitably occur with age.

For some patients, Dr. Bailey will combine laser resurfacing and Botox injections in order to enhance collagen production and decrease the formation of facial wrinkles as the skin heals.