Red/Brown Spot & Freckle Removal

Brown spots and freckles are excess melanin deposits in the skin due to age or sun damage. Most red spots in the skin, some of which are birth marks, are caused by excess blood vessels that can be safely removed with lasers.

Through a thorough consultation, Dr. Bailey evaluates each patient’s skin condition and implements a treatment plan for the removal of the patient’s pigmented lesions.

Because each patient is different, Dr. Bailey will determine which of the Naaman Clinic’s many laser options is best suited for each case. In most cases, light energy from the laser will be focused into the skin in order to break up the pigmentation, which will then be absorbed by the body over time, leaving the overlying skin intact and unharmed, clear and free of lesions**.

Removal of brown spots, red spots, and freckles is a highly effective and safe procedure when performed by an expertly trained physician. Dr. Bailey is fellowship-trained in multiple laser procedures, and he also teaches laser surgery techniques and safety standards to resident physicians and fellows in training.