10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

RemovalEveryone, to some extent, probably deals with unwanted hair on a pretty regular basis. Whether it’s freeing up some time in your daily routine, or freeing yourself of pain or embarrassment, eliminating unwanted hair with laser hair removal can be a really attractive option for people. Treatment plans are created during a patient’s initial consultation and vary from patient to patient. Before your first treatment, thought, we compiled a list of the top ten things you need to know before getting laser hair removal:

  1. How it works.

The treatment uses a cosmetic laser that is calibrated for your hair and skin type. The laser sends a concentrated beam of light to your treatment area. The light is turned into heat as it passes through your skin. The heat is absorbed by the hair follicle which inhibits future growth.

  1. You should shave the treatment area the day of your laser hair removal appointment.

Feel free to shave the treatment area as normal prior to your laser hair removal treatment, but do not wax as this decreases the effectiveness of the treatment. The laser doesn’t need a certain amount of hair growth to be effective.

  1. You may need a test patch.

This is really for your safety! Not everyone responds to the laser in the same way. It’s important to test on a small area to ensure the treatment will go smoothly (no pun intended).

  1. It doesn’t work automatically.

Don’t expect to walk out of your appointment silky smooth. It can take multiple treatments to achieve the desired outcome depending on skin/hair type and treatment area. Just be patient; you’ll begin noticing results within 2-3 months.

  1. Treatment times vary.

Again, everything depends on your skin/hair type as well as your treatment area. Obviously, it will take longer to treat a larger treatment area than a smaller one (i.e. legs vs. underarms). You’ll be able to discuss how long the treatment will take during your consultation, and you’ll be given an estimate prior to treatment.

  1. You’ll have to wear eye protection

The laser used emits a very powerful light that our eyes are sensitive to. You’ll be asked to wear some safety shades during your treatment no matter how far away the treatment area is from your face.

  1. You will need multiple treatments.

The big hairs disappear first, the smaller hairs take longer and require more treatments to respond.  Be patient, we will get rid of all your unwanted hair. During your laser hair removal consultation, be honest about your desired outcome. This will help indicate how aggressive your treatment plan needs to be. Your hair and skin type will also be taken into consideration when developing your treatment plan.

  1. White hairs do not respond.

No color, no target.  Do not be fooled by “hair dye laser treatment.”

  1. Don’t wax or pluck!

Because the laser targets your hair’s follicle, it’s important not to remove the follicle by waxing or plucking your treatment area. Just stick to shaving prior to treatment!

  1. It’s Safe

Laser hair removal is safe when the procedure is performed in a board-certified dermatologist’s office with the proper laser. It’s important to go to someone you trust for a treatment like this. Dr. Bailey at Naaman Clinic is cosmetic laser fellowship trained, and teaches laser surgery.  He definitely knows his way around a laser!